Illustrator X Capsule Collection Masterclass

Illustrator X Capsule Collection Masterclass

Design Your Line Fashion Lab

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Are you a fashion creative who is ready to take your Adobe Illustrator and design skills to the next level?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to advance your design abilities by completing a capsule collection of garments and accessories using Adobe Illustrator in 7 weeks or less.

Course Title: Illustrator X Capsule Collection Masterclass

Course Level: Intermediate

This course is for fashion creatives who have already established basic design, and Adobe Illustrator skills.

Cost Per Student: $2997

Duration: 7 weeks

Class Meetings Per Week: 3 (2 are optional)

Date: June 14 to August 2, 2021

Aftercare Support: Email and access to once-weekly "Ask Me Anything" meetings on the course content for the 3 months following the class.


Course Content (twirl down)


Phase 1: What’s Trending?

Tap into future trend data, so you can create a collection that is both fashion-forward and relevant. Spend a day in the life of your customer, so you can develop an inside perspective that will help you to capture their business and loyalty.

Phase 2: To The Capsule

Using our Capsule Collection Blueprint, you will explore options for each garment and accessory, from the stitching to the silhouette. Each item will be assigned a specific role so the collection will meet your needs in addition to those of your customer. You will develop your signature look.   

Phase 3: Illustrator-ator 

Draw industry-standard “stylized flat sketches” that both capture your vision and showcase your creativity. Learn simple techniques that add the “wow” factor to your work. 

Phase 4: Perfect Portfolio 

Master the art of presenting your designs with clarity and cohesion so your portfolio becomes the vehicle to take you to your next level. Stand out in a good way. 


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