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Photoshop Essentials X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass
Design Your Line Fashion Lab

Photoshop Essentials X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass

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Are you a fashion creative who feels limited by a lack of skill in Photoshop?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to master the essentials of Photoshop by completing a fashion theme board in 6 weeks or less.

You are invited to participate in the

Photoshop Essentials X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass

Phase 1: Prepare for Success
Avoid the common pitfalls that prevent others from achieving their goals. You will establish the time, commitment, mindset, and set up the technology you’ll need to accomplish the mission.
Phase 2: Nail Your Concept
You will hone in on your secret sauce as a fashion designer so you can build a loyal customer base when you need it. You will then discover how to use themes as an endless source of inspiration. The last step in this phase is to identify future trends that will keep your designs relevant in a highly competitive industry.
Phase 3: Photoshop Magic
You will execute our step-by-step theme-board “wizard” to define the images and tools you’ll need, and the sequence of the steps you will take to achieve the theme board you envision.
Short videos and guides succinctly demonstrate the tools and techniques, and they are yours forever, so you’ll be able to create theme boards in Photoshop on your own in the future.
All materials provided follow the industry-standard protocols of managing file size, quality, and editability so you will avoid rookie mistakes.
First Day of Class:                  Monday, June 14, 2021
Last Day of Class:                   Monday, July 26, 2021
Duration:                                 6 weeks
Full Payment:                         $1997
Payment Plan:                        3 payments of $747 (total of $2241)
Note: Points are scored as you work through the content. On completion of the course, every 2 points earned convert to a $1 “cash-forward” discount towards another of our courses (maximum of $200 value; up to 10% discount applied to one course). If you wish, you may donate points earned to our scholarship fund and help someone else.
Email support for the duration of the class.
Email aftercare support for the 3 months following the class.
Access to once-weekly “Ask Me Anything” support meetings for the 3 months following the class.
First, we meet to make sure we are a good fit. Please book a short Zoom meeting using this link.
Q:        Who should take this class?
A:         Anyone interested in fashion who has little or no Photoshop experience.
Q:        Is the Photoshop software included in the price of this class?
A:         No, you will buy a subscription to the software directly from Adobe. It currently costs $20.99 per month or less, with a free trial period.
Q:        How many students are there per class?
A:         2-10
  1. How many times do we meet per week?
A:         There are 3, 1-hour weekly class meetings:
  • 1 Weekly Review Meeting (mandatory)
  • 1 Creative Lab Meeting (optional)
  • 1 Troubleshooting Meeting (optional)
  1. Where do we meet?
  2. We meet in a private Zoom meeting room.
  1. What time are the meetings?
  2. All participants will submit their 3 preferred time slots, and we will make every effort to
accommodate everyone.
  1. How are the lessons and demonstrations delivered?
  2. Some content will be delivered via short, pre-recorded video tutorials accompanied by written
instructions. Some content will be delivered via live demonstration and discussion.
  1. In addition to the weekly meetings, what is the estimated time commitment?
  2. It depends on which track you choose. There are 2 tracks:
3-5 hours per week for the regular track (create a theme board using the materials provided)
3-10 hours per week for the over-achiever track (also create a theme board using your materials)
  1. Who is Design Your Line Fashion Lab?
  2. Design Your Line Fashion Lab is a unique space where we spark the innovative creativity that
will help designers like you to develop a digital portfolio to realize your future. It is owned and operated by Hunter Publishing, a California corporation serving the fashion education community since 2007.
  1. Who will be the instructor?
  2. The owner of Hunter Publishing Corporation, Victoria Hunter, creates and teaches the class. She
is an award-winning instructor who has taught design, Photoshop, and Illustrator skills to over
3,400 Associate of Arts students and private clients
  1. What name will appear on my billing statement?
  2. Hunter Publishing Corporation is the name that will appear on your billing statement.
Please contact Victoria:
Text or call:    (626) 840-3054
"She is professional, helpful, and a leader who exemplifies excellence. Victoria is by far the best and I took all of her classes because I want to only learn from the best."
- Anna
"Extreme knowledge in all facets of fashion, very pleasant, and patient. I have used tutors for 10 years and quite often they are very knowledgeable but just can’t teach. Victoria is highly knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. Victoria is truly special because it is rare to find someone that listens. The combination of a tutor that is knowledgeable, can teach and listens is the most efficient with the best results. In 10 years I have only come across 2 and Victoria is one of them."
- Margaret
"Victoria is not only a creative designer but a highly skilled digital artist and an exceptionally committed instructor. I give her my strongest support and highest recommendation."
- Sarah