Photoshop X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass

Photoshop X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass

Design Your Line Fashion Lab

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Are you a fashion creative who feels limited by a lack of skill in Photoshop?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to master the essentials of Adobe Photoshop by completing a fashion theme board in 5 weeks or less.

Course Title: Photoshop X Fashion Theme Board Masterclass

Course Level: Intermediate

This course is for fashion creatives who have already established basic design and Adobe Photoshop skills.

Cost Per Student: $1997

Duration: 5 weeks

Class Meetings Per Week: 2 (1 is optional)

Date: May 24 to June 28, 2021

Aftercare Support: Email and access to once-weekly "Ask Me Anything" meetings on the course content for the 3 months following the class.


Course Content (twirl down)

Phase 1: Prepare for Success
Avoid the common pitfalls that prevent others from achieving their goals. You will establish the time, commitment, mindset, and set up the technology you’ll need to accomplish the mission.
Phase 2: Nail Your Concept
You will hone in on your secret sauce as a fashion designer so you can build a loyal customer base when you need it. You will then discover how to use themes as an endless source of inspiration. The last step in this phase is to identify future trends that will keep your designs relevant in a highly competitive industry.
Phase 3: Photoshop Magic
You will execute our step-by-step theme-board “wizard” to define the images and tools you’ll need, and the sequence of the steps you will take to achieve the theme board you envision.
Short videos and guides succinctly demonstrate the tools and techniques, so you’ll be able to create theme boards in Photoshop on your own in the future.
All materials provided follow the industry-standard protocols of managing file size, quality, and editability so you will avoid rookie mistakes.
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